Hoops for charity …

Recreation District Photos
ERBM Recreation and Park District hosted the annual Hoops for Charity 3-on-3 basketball tournament on Friday, Dec. 29 at Meeker High School. The Mavericks (Tucker Chinn, Snowdon Williams and Said Valeriano) won the 3rd-4th grade division and donated their winnings to the Meeker Sportsman’s Club. Team Revenge (Jayde Turner, Jace Mobley, Ryan Sullivan and Teagan Sheridan) won the 5th-6th grade division and donated to HopeWest. Triple Threat (Hailey Knowles, Karly Orris, Hadley Franklin and Savanah Mendenhall) won the 7th-8th grade division and donated to the Fairfield Chuckwagon.
There are a limited number of Hoops for Charity T-shirts available for $15/shirt at the Meeker Recreation Center. Proceeds from the T-shirt sales will be split between the champion’s charities of choice: Meeker Sportsman’s Club, HopeWest and Fairfield Chuckwagon. Mavericks (top): Snowdon Williams, Tucker Chinn and Said Valeriano. Revenge (center): Jace Mobley, Jayde Turner, Ryan Sullivan and Teagan Sheridan. Triple Threat (bottom):  Hailey Knowles, Karly Orris, Savanah Mendenhall and Hadley Franklin.