How to submit water usage records

RBC | At the Division of Water Resources, we continually work to balance our available staff and your needs. While we acknowledge the importance of the Deputy Water Commissioner in the White River basin, we will not be filling the position at this time. This means there will only be one water commissioner for the entire basin, Shanna Lewis. Lewis is requesting the help of water users and strongly encourages them to maintain and submit their water use records to her. The information needed includes:

Dates ditches/pumps were turned on and off

It is also helpful to include dates and measurements of when water volume was turned up or down

Example – when you change from a small flow for livestock to a larger flow for irrigation

IF your structure is a ditch or pump equipped with a measuring device, such as a parshall flume, please include the flow measurement with the date

Flow measurements can be reported in cubic feet per second (cfs), staff gage readings, or both

IF your structure is a pump equipped with a flow meter, please provide the instantaneous flow reading when it is turned on and the totalizing volumetric reading. Please also provide the volumetric reading when it is turned off.

IF your ditch or pump is not equipped with a measuring device, please provide an estimate in cubic feet per second (cfs) of the amount of water diverted. Please do not provide the amount of your water right, in that this will not be accepted as a record.

Please specify the use of the water (irrigation, livestock, etc)

Water users can submit this information to Shanna at any time with a final deadline of Nov. 15, 2020. You can text, call, email, or mail this information to her. Please don’t hesitate to contact Shanna with any questions you might have. Her contact information is Shanna Lewis, Lead Water Commissioner WD 43, PO Box 1388, Meeker, CO 81641. Phone: 970-439-8008. Email:

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