“If the Fates allow”

Kaye Sullivan

MEEKER | We’ve all enjoyed or survived Christmas in some 2020 adjusted format. Maybe like our household, you too, experienced highs and lows. We deeply rejoiced in a live Christmas Eve church service, personal visit with our oldest son, and joys of baking holiday treats.

Frustrating was the seemingly lost box of gifts to our grandkids/children in Oregon that I shipped in early December. I kept getting texts every day that it was “in transit.” Apparently, this box sat in a Denver USPS facility for weeks along with many others.

I don’t blame USPS who is understaffed, underfunded, hit with Covid infected employees, struggling with an unprecedented level of shipping, and criticized by about everyone. In my opinion, our Meeker postal workers are the kindest, caring, most hard-working postal employees I’ve ever seen.

Or go to a postal unit in Lakewood, Colorado; stand in a line of 30 people every time and get a snarly clerk. Believe me, small towns offer over the top customer mail service.

After fretting for days that I had mis-addressed our Oregon package, it magically arrived the day after Christmas. With the excitement of Christmas and Santa’s arrival, our grandchildren received many gifts. So, in the end, a late arrival was still special.

We’re still learning these tough 2020 lessons that even difficulties can turn out okay. We can handle problems with greater aplomb and accept perseverance as part of daily life.

Onto the days ahead in 2021. I want to start planning and carving out some special times in our schedule, especially travel. But can that happen in a state and country filled with COVID?

Soon the Colorado state parks will open their online camping reservations, so to reserve a site, we’ll have to commit. As we learned last year, with so many people fleeing Covid to the great outdoors, many beautiful Colorado parks are filled quickly.

Perhaps like us you retain dreams of fulfilling plans that were canceled in 2020. We hope to be “artists in residence,” see our children and grandkids, plus tour beautiful Oregon as was planned last year. But, will COVID be over by summer? Should we schedule earlier to avoid another wildfire season in our western states? Who knows?

I don’t know the answers, so I reflect on the lyrics to the Christmas song, “Have Yourself a Very Merry Christmas.” It includes a reminder that this song is a dream, a hope, a reality check that life is unpredictable and uncontrollable.

“If the Fates allow” applies today and in 2021 as it did when written way back in 1941. We must hold onto the hope that the year ahead will turn out better, that Covid will come under control with vaccines, and that we will still be alive to enjoy it.

By KAYE SULLIVAN – Special to the Herald Times