Jr. livestock judging team wins third

Madi Shults reached down deep and beat the “first loser” demon and won senior high individual overall and reasons while Macy Collins won another individual junior high individual champion “chip” and reasons, gaining her third first, in conjunction with her team’s third win of the year, at the Otero/Lincoln County 4-H Livestock Judging Contest held in Ordway on April 12.
Macy Collins, Marryn Shults, Jilli Bumguardner, Samantha Lapp, Kacie Lapp and Shuana Lapp competed in the junior division. Madi Shults and Ty Dunham marked cards on the senior side.
The beef division was tough at this contest as the judges had to evaluate a class of market steers and market heifers.
When you are not used to seeing finished cattle, those classes can present some decision challenges.
The Simmental bull class was collegiate level. In spite of that, all of the junior judges finished in the top 12 in the beef division out of 41 contestants. Bumguardner was 12th, Shults was seventh, Samantha Lapp was sixth, Kacie Lapp was third and Collins won the beef division.
The sheep and goat classes were not easy, but, Shults was 13th, Kacie was Lapp sixth and Collins was second.
In the swine division, Kacie Lapp and Collins tied for 11th, and Samantha Lapp placed second. In placings only, Marryn Shults was ninth, Collins was fifth and Kacie Lapp was fourth.
RBC owned the reasons division as Kacie Lapp was eighth, Shults was sixth, Samantha Lapp was third and Collins Macy won reasons, again.
Overall, Samantha Lapp was 10th, Marryn Shults was eighth, Kacie Lapp was fourth and Collins was champion, again. Collins and Kacie Lapp each earned a Colorado State Fair Junior All State Judging Team point.
The Rio Blanco County Junior Team finished second in placings, won reasons by 46 points and won the team division by 37 points.
Our senior judges, Madi Shults and Ty Dunham, have to run as individuals this year, but their experience and talent are keeping keep them at the awards table.
Shults was fifth in beef and Dunham beat her, placing fourth. Dunham sorted the Simmental bull class correctly.
Shults won the sheep division, and Dunham evidently slept through the sheep classes, However, he beat Shults in swine judging, placing ninth while Shults placed 10th.
In placings, Dunham finished eighth while Shults was sixth. Madi won reasons again and was finally the high individual overall. She beat her rival, Justin Mosher, from the TRA team by one point.
The Weld County contest is up next, and we’ll report those results down the road.