June 26, 2008: May 2008 Warranty Deeds

Seller: Robert H Williams Family Trust
Buyer: Love, Sam F and Virginia L
Description: Lot:2,3,4 Section:1 Township:1N Range 97W
Transaction Price: $720,000

Seller: Pennell, Wayne and Chantae
Buyer: Chevron USA
Description: Pennell Subdivision(Minor) Lot:1,2 and 3
Transaction Price: $265,000

Seller: Anthony, David B and Leona D
Buyer: Peacock, Aaron
Description: Lot: Sagewood West Phase I Subdivision Lot:1 Block:3 1121 Tanglewood Lane
Transaction Price: $155,000

Seller: Bowman, Scott
Buyer: Ruder, Brent W and Peggy L
Description: Section: Buckskin Valley Subdivision Lot:10
Transaction Price: $74,000

Seller: Brown, Jackie W and Charleen
Buyer: Denbowski, Aaron Q and Sylvia J
Description: Lot: Trujillo Estates Subdivision Lot:4 370 County Road 2
Transaction Price: $18,000

Seller: Long, Clete K and Kimberlee D
Buyer: Neal, Brandon D and Krystal D
Description: Redwood Estates Re-Subdivision Lot:3,4 513 Redwood Lane
Transaction Price: $207,500

Seller: Parker, Douglas W and Patricia J
Buyer: Barnett, Roger A
Description: Parker Minor Subdivision #2 Lot:2B
Transaction Price: $112,700

Seller: Burke, Claire
Buyer: Hefton, Theresa L
Description: Sanderson Hills Subdivision Lot:15 1032 Julie Circle
Transaction Price: $161,500

Seller: Trevco Inc
Buyer: Ace Parking LLC
Description: Town of Meeker Lot:4,5,6 Block:99 1331 Main Street
Transaction Price: $75,000

Seller: Leschak, Pamela and Johnson, Thomas L
Buyer: Prudential Relocation Inc
Description: Town of Meeker Lot:5 Block:76 1164 Hill Street
Transaction Price: $230,500

Seller: Grace Homes Real Estate
Buyer: Benson, Anthony J
Description: LaMesa Subdivision Replat #2 of Replat Lot:17 Block:4 1260 Deserado Drive
Transaction Price: $196,000

Seller: Golden Parachute LLC
Buyer: Morgan, Martin J and Sharon K
Description: Sanderson Hills Re-Subdivision Phase 2 #1, Lot:380
Transaction Price: $65,000

Seller: Ewall, Karen C
Buyer: Costella Ira LLC and Hughley, Herbert
Description: Leech Addition 79778 Lot:S20’4&ALL5 Block:D 317 S Sunset Ave
Transaction Price: $110,500

Seller: Gantt, Bernard G or Anne Q
Buyer: Estrada, Raul and Raul J and Maria A
Description: Town of Meeker Lot:11,12 Block:87 1065 Market St.
Transaction Price: $370,000

Seller: ELOC LLC
Buyer: Merritt, Scot R and Marian P
Description: Sage Hills Resubdivision Lot:37 Blcok#3 1334 Sage Ridge Rd
Transaction Price: $440,000

Seller: Durr, Perry H
Buyer: Perry H Durr Living Trust
Description: East Meadows Subdivision Lot:4&5 Block:1 Section:31 Township:2N Range:101W
Transaction: $60,000

Seller: Davis, Stanley M and Sheryll L
Buyer: Colorado State Dept of Transportation
Description: Little Rancho Estates-Survey Plat Lot:10 Section:21 Township:2S Range:94W
Transaction: $1,300

Seller: Halandras, Chris
Buyer: Colorado State Dept of Transportation
Description: Section 28 and 21 Township:2S Range:94W Parcel:120
Transaction: $14,800

Seller: Camlease LLC
Buyer: Colorado State Dept of Transportation
Description: Section:21 and 16 Township:2S Range:94W
Transaction: $12,900