Kaye’s Corner: Fall Arrives


Special to the Herald Times

MEEKER I Like usual, I am not ready for summer to be over or to face the harsh winter conditions to come. Yet, fall is beautiful too, still very warm during the days, and a time to enjoy a new season.

We in Colorado especially love our aspen trees as they turn various hues of gold. Some trees shimmer with a variety of green/yellow or yellow/orange or many other combinations of changing colors. Every golden aspen sighting is still glorious to me.

During a recent outing to Trappers Lake we saw many side hills are covered with bushes or brush that are turning colors too. The turning of the aspen up there is still early but my sense is the change will be fully underway this week and next.

Of course, a strong wind or early snow can cause the leaves to fall before you get to fully enjoy them. 

Thank goodness for digital photography so you can snap all the photos you want. Even with a computer stockpile of past aspen shots, it is always fun to add more.

Fall in Colorado also means the elk rut season. Twice this fall we have listened to the bulls bugle, and watched them butt heads with each other and chase the cows around while trying to gather their herd. It is a fascinating show if you can watch from a safe distance. 

I try to be grateful for the crisp fall days, although getting used to a night time low of below 30 is always a shock. Fall also means layering up, finding gloves and jackets, and transitioning to a winter wardrobe.

It is also time to say goodbye to my flowers and garden. This has been a tough year in my yard for various reasons, mostly me not being here to take care of everything. Still, some plants produced and I froze tons of carrots. Every season has its own story of survival and production.

Maybe I should be happy to say goodbye to the smokey skies and related difficulties being outside. Strangely, the wildfire smoke came from far away. I am also grateful that our community did not suffer too many wildfires this season.

Throughout my life, I have looked at summer as an opportunity to get out there, travel, camp, and experience new things. In Colorado, summer is only three months and I want to take advantage of every sunny day whether it is gardening, camping, or traveling.

Yet, it is time to move onward. Halloween decorations are already out in many retail spots. For many folks, fall means time to start organizing family Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings. 

I’ve already read more than once that the wise person should order holiday gifts now, especially toys, as the supply chain and shipping issues continue. Clearly, I missed “Christmas in July” so I guess I better get with it in October. 

Thank you fall days for your beauty and reminders of changing seasons. Onward!

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