Kaye’s Corner: New Year’s Resolutions

2022, here we are. I’ve been thinking about choices I plan to make for the year ahead. Frankly, “resolutions” seem a promise, so I’m calling them plans. They’re not a firm commitment but more slight re-direction to this year’s activities.

At the same time of trying to be resolute, I want to remain adaptable. COVID and the looming spread of variants, intense weather, illness, and all sorts of unexpected conditions could require a change of plans. But hey! If we didn’t learn to be flexible in the last two years, now is the time.

Here’s the core 2022 game plan:

• Time management. More pro-active choice of how our time is spent and increased assertiveness for selective use of time and energy. Especially in our short summers, I want to stay on top of visitors, travel, and other commitments. This year I plan to choose them, not them me!

• Visits with dearly beloved ones. Top of the list is my mother residing in an assisted living facility in Virginia Beach, Virginia. A small window of opportunity seems open while both she and we are fully vaccinated, and her lockdown restrictions have been lifted. Travel plans are underway.

• Grandkid visits. If your grandchildren live nearby, you just don’t know how lucky you are. Ours live 1100 miles away. We will work on another Oregon trip and visit some of our favorite places from last year’s trip. (And NO vehicle breakdowns this year!)

• Continued exercise. We all need at least minimal exercise every day. I will remain faithful to my water aerobics class at the Rec Center and plan to add walks at the high school, a free program that just started again. Maybe I’ll finally ride our exercise bike … that’s just a maybe.

• Local travel. Colorado is just so beautiful and I will work on camping reservations to nearby spots such as Pearl Lake that fill up quickly. Plenty of outings are easy within a two-hour radius, but early reservations seem necessary in many locations.

• Continued writing. The weekly writing for “Kaye’s Corner” has become a challenging way to clarify my thinking, learn, and sharpen my language expression. Until Niki throws me out or I run out of steam, I will embrace the duty and joy of writing.

• Gardening and composting. Somehow, I need to integrate my desires to grow veggies with my equally strong wishes to travel during the summer. I will work on simplifying my gardening chores and acquiring a helper.

• Paperwork cleanup. In the past year, my files, both electronic and paper, have gotten out of control. I will double down to audit, toss, and generally cleanup this boring aspect of life.

• Downsize. De-clutter. Donate. Toss. Even though it feels I’ve been doing this constantly for the past few years, we still have too much unused stuff.

• More fun. Ending on a positive note, I commit to more fun outings with my husband, piano playing for my personal joy, plus ongoing gatherings with friends as COVID permits.

What are your plans for 2022? It’s time to renew and refresh. Happy New Year!

By KAYE SULLIVAN – Special to the Herald Times