Kimball bags big bull on local dream hunt

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RBC — Charlie Kimball, 2008 Colorado Dream Hunt winner, sponsored by the Colorado Hunting Club, arrived at the Nine Mile Ranch opening day of the first rifle season Oct. 11. He and his guide, Rocky Pappas, went out opening morning and came back to the ranch with Kimball’s trophy.
“Thanks again for putting together such a great trip,” said Kimball, who is from Plymouth, N.H. “The hunting was excellent. Nine Mile was a great place. I hope the 2009 trip is just as good. I only wish that the hunt lasted a little longer. The other guys in camp knew it was killing me to just sit around while everyone else was still hunting, but those are the rules at Nine Mile and I had to abide by them. It seemed like the action slowed a bit when the moon was full, so I was kinda glad I already had mine.”
Kimball recounted how he got his trophy.
“Rocky and I worked our way up onto a little knoll where he thought we would have a shot,” he said. “We crawled the last little bit so as not to be seen. He spotted a bull straight out in front of us and told me it was a ‘shooter’ and asked if I wanted to shoot. I got steady on my gun and got the bull in my sights. He told me the distance, which was 318 yards. I said I was ready and the rest is history.
“Thanks again for the great raffle,” Kimball said. “I hope to be able to do it again in the near future. I am trying to get all my buddies here on the east coast to buy tickets … I already have mine.”