Landowner rules change

RBC I Colorado Senate Bill 13-188 changed the CPW Priority Landowner Preference Program to the Landowner Preference Program (LPP) effective this past July.

The LPP replaces all previous landowner preference systems. 

The LPP was created to give landowners a preference for hunting licenses to encourage private landowners to provide habitat that increases wildlife populations for the benefit of all hunters, discourage the harboring of game animals on private lands during public hunting seasons and relieve hunting pressure on public lands by increasing game hunting on private lands.

“One mechanism for enhanced oversight is the use of audits,” said Steve Znamenacek, the CPW district wildlife manager overseeing the LPP program and its implementation.
CPW begins audits of all registered properties this fall to ensure compliance with program property and animal use requirements.
Znamenacek adds, “Properties that do not meet the basic requirements will be removed from participation.”

In order to apply for LPP, private landowners must register deeded property of 160 contiguous acres or more with CPW by Dec. 1 to be eligible for the following year draw. All Priority Landowner Preference registrations that were active as of June 30 were automatically transferred into the LPP. The Landowner Preference Program is implemented under authority by:
 Colorado Revised Statutes: Title 33, Article 4, 103
 Colorado Parks and Wildlife Regulations: Chapter W2, 206, B, 4

More information about CPW’s Landowner Preference Program as well as how to apply is now available at LandownerPreference.aspx. Also refer to the 2015 Big Game Brochure coming this February.