Letter: 2nd graders at MES encourage reading

Dear Editor:
We decided to help kids read and have many reasons why it is important and can be fun for children to read. We wanted to convince people in Meeker to read.
We have a flyer for you that has all the reasons why children should read. Reading is good for you in many ways, so this is why we wanted to make a flyer. We are excited to share and give out these flyers. Some of us are nervous because we have never done something like this before.
We are glad to give you these flyers so you can help convince people to read. Please spread the word to everyone!
From the 2nd grade Reading Flood Group,
Tucker Chinn, Hailey Cox, Brooklyn Davis, Skylar Grimes,
Sawyer May, Serenity Murray, Brooklynn Nielsen, Joshua Quinn,
Trent Sanders, Said Valeriano, and Snowdon Williams

EDITOR’S NOTE: The information from the flyer created by the class follows:
Reading teaches children about the world around them.
Reading improves focus and concentration in life.
Children who read better do better at school.
You get to know bigger words and can read chapter books!
Reading makes you smarter.
Reading improves your verbal abilities.
Reading helps you summarize anything in your life.
Reading improves your imagination!
Reading is needed for driving.
Not knowing how to read can waste a lot of time.
Read to your child daily and read together!
Pick funny books for your kid.
Join the e-book revolution! Get books on Kindles and tablets.
Pick easy books to begin that have pictures.
Formula: One hour of electronics = one hour of reading
Have young children read to their stuffed animals or toys.
Turn off the TV’s audio and turn on the closed captioning: make kids read while they watch television!
Find an author your child enjoys and get more books written by that author.
Look and talk about pictures first. Make predictions.
Helpful free websites:

Read Alouds: www.storylineonline.ne
ABC’s & Learn to Read: www.starfall.com
Download books online or onto a stick at:
 www.meekerlibrary.booksys.net (login, click Links, click
digital library, download away!)