Letter: Alternative view to recent COVID opinions

Dear Editor:

I hope this letter is printed in order to present an alternative view to recent opinions. COVID is a real illness and can be deadly to some. That is fact. The views that have been presented in this section recently, veer away from fact at this point. They demand that everyone be vaccinated to protect others.  This is not fact but nonsense. You receive vaccinations to protect yourself. Vaccine will protect you from sickness or significantly lessen your symptoms if/when exposed.  This is the purpose of vaccines and has been since their inception.

This paper’s policy states that they will not publish mis-information or nonsense.  This is exactly what they are doing when they publish statements such as “RBC is now swarming with Covid cases, including death” and vaccinate yourself to  “protect the entire world” or “Employees are quitting en mass” because of unvaccinated customers.  These statements stir up irrational emotions and fear and do not serve any community honestly. 

A vaccine cannot be developed and undergo adequate testing in a little over a year.  People are not selfish or ignorant if they express doubt in such a process.  In the history of disease there has been only one viral disease eradicated through vaccination – smallpox.  All other viruses are still with us, including chickenpox, influenza and AIDS.  BTW, it took 200 years to fully eradicate smallpox. It is irrational to state that getting a shot will ‘save the world’.  Please don’t listen to such nonsense. It is unkind and even cruel to blame people for getting a viral disease, let alone ridicule them if they choose not to vaccinate. And to even suggest that a person should receive a ‘different’ level of healthcare because they have COVID…the generation of that thought is dangerous and flirting with a darkness of the soul. It is shocking to see that reprinted in any reputable news source.  No mass exodus of working folk from jobs because of unvaccinated folk exists.  Employees are quitting and not looking for work because of our newly elected Marxist government handing out trillions of dollars that workers like you have earned.  And please, I plead with you, do not contaminate your children or grandchildren with fear and anxiety.  Show them courage and strength and how to treat others with dignity and respect for liberty and freedom and personal responsibility.

We have sickness and disease as long as this world exists.  Medicine does wonders to alleviate pain and suffering.  But in the end the power of life and death is not in our hands.  Living is more than just taking another breath.  A quality life encompasses joy, sorrow, risk, reward and the liberty and freedom to assess these things for ourselves.  Refuse to listen to fear mongering and irrational hysteria and firmly speak truth when you encounter such divisive, destructive rhetoric. Our society needs such courageous voices now. 

John Moffitt


Special to the Herald Times