Letter: Annual visitor expresses thanks

It is about time for us to publicly thank the great businesses in Meeker that have made our annual hunting trip such a pleasure. We have been coming to Meeker for the past 17-plus years to hunt during the second rifle season and the following places have added to the pleasure of spending those 10 days in Meeker:
LD Grove has been more than accommodating to us with an exceptional room at the White River Inn. When you stay in one place for 10 to 11 days it is so important to have a place that is clean, comfortable and just perfect. Thanks LD for not only accommodating our needs but also for your friendship over all these years. We would recommend your inn to anyone who appreciates such a well-kept facility.
We have been very successful in hunting in your backyard. I am very particular about how my wild game is processed. After checking “kitchens” for processing our game, I found the H&H Processing and Outfitting and have never been disappointed. John and Tawny Halandras have not only processed our meat for years but have become good friends. As I have said in years past, when I open a package of our wild game, I feel like I have opened a package from an upscale butcher shop.
Finally, we have found our “eating arrangements” for a while in Meeker at the Ma Famiglia restaurant. Chris and her crew are absolutely wonderful. The food, variety and service is just super and we can say that with conviction as we eat there the whole time we are hunting. And the day before the day they are closed, we order a larger meal, eat half of it and save the rest to eat when they are closed.
Jim and Bobbi Futterer
Fort Collins, Colo.