Letter: Appreciation for Rangely’s support of Parkview’s “A Night at Hogwart’s”

Dear Editor:
To the amazing community of Rangely: I wanted to tell the people of Rangely how wonderful you are for being so supportive of Parkview Elementary’s “A Night At Hogwart’s.”
This was started five years ago as a way to promote literacy and raise money for the classrooms. It has turned into an amazing night but not without the help and support from many. We have people like Rodger Polley (Hagrid) who appears in the corridors with Fang, his dog, Norm Hall and his family who bring the Hogwart’s Express, Kelsey Goddard of Snappy Photography who took pictures all night, Kaylee Mecham, Ashley and Kyle Stewart, who volunteer to help simply because they love the story of Harry Potter, Amorette and the Rangely Library staff who are there to support the love of reading, Katelyn Carlson and her friends, Tim Baughman, Dave and Chelsey Parker who come from Dinosaur and LaPoint bringing their amazing reptiles to the Forbidden Forest. Bill Ekstrom and the 4-H Extension office staff, Oakley Hopkins, who brought a load of amazing heirloom pumpkins to add to our props, Kris Herrera and Sarah Wagner who contributed their creative talents and Jessica Kruger and her college students along with some high school students help keep everything running smoothly.
We had donations from businesses such as: True Value, White River Market, Smith’s in Vernal and City Market in Fruita. Last but not least are the teachers, staff and administrators, along with their husbands, wives and children, who put their time and effort in making it a fantastic evening. It could not happen without all of you! And a huge thank you to our school secretary, Cheri Smith, who does an amazing job behind the scenes getting things ordered and keeping every thing moving in the right direction. We could have never imagined what this little event would turn into five years later, but we are incredibly grateful to everyone and the support our magical night receives.
Thank you Rangely!
Vicki Douglas