Letter: Bullying and anger

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Dear Editor:
When did bullying and anger become our new normal? As adults we are now acting like teenage bullies to anyone that doesn’t agree with us regardless of their age. It’s now ok for an adult to ridicule and say derogatory remarks to a group of youths because their masks are below their noses, even though they just finished playing an entire basketball game with them covering their faces (which is ridiculous in the first place) and so they head to the bathroom to catch a breather because in these COVID times we can’t use locker rooms. So, we congest and congregate in the bathrooms instead?! I don’t see the logic in this but that’s besides the point.

When will the animosity and judgmental looks subside just because someone isn’t wearing a mask, or their mask isn’t on “properly”? When did wearing a mask become a badge that entitled a person to judge and belittle others? The anger about this issue comes from both sides. No one is innocent in this stupid battle except our children that we are conditioning to believe that we must do everything we are told by the powers that be and there is no free will or thinking for ourselves anymore because THAT will get you into trouble and cause angry people to say hurtful things or worse. I am just as guilty as the next person when it comes to my frustrations and pent-up anger with all the issues over the past year but when does it come to a point that we look in the mirror and decide if we like what we see? Whether you agree with me or not we need to start asking ourselves is this how we want our children to live? Does wearing a mask give a person a moral right to hurt or attack others or flat out be a bully? Don’t we want better for ourselves and our kids? I know I do, and I will try to do better especially for my kids.

I included a link to an article written by a State Rep from the eastern slope explaining how crazy wearing a mask during basketball is and should not be common practice for anyone!


Natalie Ducey

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