Letter: Cimarron answers changeover questions

Dear Editor:

I am writing to you as the CEO of Cimarron Telecommunications LLC.  We are the largest distributor of wireless and fiber services in the county.  We realize there is a great deal of anxiety or confusion regarding how to change to a new service provider from the former VAR LAI.  If current LAI customers are on the official Rio Blanco Network, whether wireless or fiber, to change vendors is a simple process.  All you need to do is send an email to joy.localinternetacessinternet@gmail.com with a copy to us at Cimarron.office@gmail.com stating you wish to change providers.  The office number is 970-878-4421 and we have staff willing and able to assist you with our billing options. The Rio Blanco Network will not change providers without these written requests. Those customers who were being provided internet without a direct line of sight to a county wireless tower please contact us as we have been able to successfully transition these customers to the county wireless system. This is not to be interpreted as we are able to transition everyone at this time to the County wireless network but contact us and we will see what is possible before the secondary towers are deployed next year.   


Robert Knight

CEO – Cimarron Telecommunications LLC