Letter: Classic Board thankful for community

Dear Editor:

As we close the doors on the 2018 Meeker Classic we are reminded of the many blessings that come from living in a community like Meeker.  In a year that brought many challenges to the community through drought, fires and economic challenges the spirit of our residents remains steadfast as you orchestrated yet another successful Meeker Classic for the world to enjoy.

The many facets of the Meeker Classic (handlers, vendors, spectators, volunteers and more) have a common underlying quality that lends to its success each year and that’s community. A homecoming of sorts for all those involved, the Meeker Classic represents a common kinship and bond that transcends generations, cultures and livelihoods and brings people together each year for this annual celebration and competition. The Meeker Classic intertwines sheepdog trials, education, culture and trade into a weeklong showcase of volunteerism, sportsmanship and friendship.  This is what brings people back each year.

The community of Meeker is the catalyst that brings it all together. Each volunteer and local supporter of the Meeker Classic lends an integral component to the event.  Visitors and handlers are in awe of what you accomplish—no small feat to complete year in and year out for 32 years.  A grand showcase of our youth, our spirit and our area—the success of the Meeker Classic rests with each of you.

Thank you for all that you’ve done over the years.

The Meeker Classic Board of Directors