Letter: Comment on Moyer’s character, principles

Dear Editor:

I worked for Rio Blanco County from May-August 2020 as a natural resources intern. While there, I had the opportunity to listen to several executive sessions, as well as listen to informal conversations and meetings between the three commissioners and various employees and department heads. At that time, the two most-discussed topics were the COVID response, and the state of Rio Blanco’s budget. While the commissioners argued over many different topics, one issue that they all three agreed on was that the county budget needed overall cuts, because there was no steady stream of revenue that could replace the loss of fossil fuel-generated income. This was undisputed among all three.

My impression of commissioner Moyer’s character is that he acts according to his principles, which are as follows:

  1. Limited government, and respect for personal and economic freedom
  2. Fiscal responsibility, and not spending beyond your needs, whether an individual, business, or government.
  3. Respect for the separation of powers, and taking personal responsibility for your actions.

For Commissioner Moyer to make county decisions on his own, without consulting the other commissioners, would violate his principles on limited government and respect for the separation of powers. While he had his strong opinions, which he expressed frequently, at no point during my time at the county did I observe him make unilateral county decisions. All proposals were consulted with the other commissioners, and when decisions were made, they were made by simple majority, according to the rules governing the commissioner’s powers. When decisions were made and announced, commissioner Moyer took responsibility for his stance by voting on record.

John Belland