Letter: Community blessings

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Dear Editor:

On Sept. 29, our properties were being threatened by a fire that crossed the highway. Due to the high winds, the fire was advancing quickly. Our neighbors, friends and family dropped everything to provide help. In addition to the fire department, we had what seemed like an army of people arriving to lend a hand as well as phone calls and texts offering assistance. There were water trucks, tractors, backhoes, graders and a dozer that pulled together and amazingly built a fire line that stopped the fire before it reached any homes, buildings or livestock.  Some manned hoses and set up sprinklers while others were on standby to evacuate livestock if needed.  One even moved our vehicles to safer ground in the event that the fire couldn’t be stopped.

When the threat was contained and it was time for us to breathe, we realized we had just been on the receiving end of one of the blessings of living in this community. We are so grateful for the people that we proudly call our neighbors, friends and family.  Although it’s impossible to remember everyone that was a part of protecting our property and livestock, we would like to thank each and every one. Thank you doesn’t seem like a strong enough phrase to express our gratitude!

We know there were many others working on the other side of the highway but we’d like to thank the following for their relentless efforts in saving our properties:  Rangely Volunteer Fire Department, Dylan Smuts and the Big D’s Crew, Steve Urie and the Urie Trucking Crew, Bud Striegel, Roy Kinney, Terry Wygant, Alan Ducey, Levin Boulger, John and Diana Hartmann, Al Vandenbrink and Danny Lapp. We apologize if we have missed naming anyone but please know that we are grateful for your help as well.

Vance and Teri Wilczek

Kellen Wilczek

Vincent and Karen Wilczek