Letter: Concerns about recall skyrocket

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*Editor’s Note:

The quoted material in this letter is taken directly from the circulating recall petition, as referenced in the March 4, 2021 HT article, “What happens during a recall?

Dear Editor:

I am writing regarding the official recall of one of our commissioners. I have some strong concerns. I have read Niki Turner’s article titled, “What happens during a recall?” Although enlightening about the process, my concerns have skyrocketed and here is why.

  1. (Herald Times quote)* Commissioner Gary Moyer verbally abused and made unsubstantiated accusations against Public Health Nurse Alice Harvey in a public meeting on Feb. 9, 2021.
    (My response) I have not witnessed Commissioner Moyer, whether in attendance of the county commissioners meeting or listening in by phone, abuse anyone. Has he been strong in getting his point made, yes, as he should be in his position especially when an employee argues and argues with the entire board about what she thinks her job should be instead of what it is. COVID and the tensions that have developed in its wake has made it difficult for the commissioners to conduct normal business. It has also made our public health nurse believe her knowledge of science should justify her disregard of what the commissioners require from her. The county health nurse works for the Rio Blanco County Commissioners with guidelines issued by the state of Colorado. Once she received her direction from the commissioners and the county attorney, the county health nurse should agree to disagree and fulfilled her duties as directed by the commissioners.
  2. (Herald Times quote)* Commissioner Gary Moyer misused his power by intimidating and terminating long-term, dedicated employees and department heads without prior notice, on impulse without having any plan in place to for replacing them, leaving County leadership void and creating fearful hostile work environment for all remaining employees.
    (My response) All of the upper level employees whose positions were not renewed were voted on by three commissioners, not just one. So why recall only one? Commissioners cannot speak about confidential personnel issues. However, the employee can recruit any and all followers to justify her/his behavior. Dave Morlan can sign a waiver/release giving the commissioners permission to explain why he was released from employment. It would certainly clear up misconceptions on both sides and I, for one, would like to see that happen.
  3. (Herald Times quote)* Commissioner Gary Moyer was instrumental in the attempt to eliminate the RBC Dispatch Center without giving Citizens or the Sheriff the opportunity to voice their opposition or have any input on the decision.
    (My response) This statement is blatantly wrong. There have been several meetings in which the sheriff, undersheriff, members of dispatch as well as the public were able to voice their concerns and thoughts regarding the county dispatch. I attended those meetings. The commissioners reiterated time and time again they were looking at options for funding dispatch as well as an alternate source for providing this service. No decision was made.
  4. (Herald Times quote)* Commissioner Gary Moyer has repeatedly demonstrated a total lack of transparency in the manner in which he has conducted County business.
    I have seen no evidence during the time Commissioner Moyer has served Rio Blanco County Citizens that this is the case. This suggests he, alone, has conducted back room deals to the detriment of the county and its citizens. Three commissioners work for the county and if transparency was an issue, all three would be responsible. Commissioner Moyer has remained true to the strong conservative values he campaigned on.
    I understand there are people who strongly disagree with me and that’s okay. I am entitled to my opinions. What I hope to achieve with this letter is to provide factual information to any citizen who may be approached with the request to sign this petition. I am adamantly against this recall for many reasons but most importantly, is that one former and one current employee wants you, Rio Blanco County Citizens to recall only one commissioner when all three voted in the decisions that were made.

With many of us deeply concerned and uncertain about both state and federal issues, the strife this recall has created within our close knit community is most disheartening.

Thank you for your time.

Mona Avey

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