Letter: Conrado presents plan for WREA

Dear Editor:

I would appreciate your vote for seat on the Board of Directors at White River Electric Association, Inc. (WREA). I know the void of expertise and knowledge left by Mr. Dunham is enormous, but it would be an honor to fill his former seat. I have always had a high regard for WREA. Twenty years ago, I began working at the WREA during a work study program that developed into a part time job. The organization gave me my first real world experience in accounting. Mr. Dale Dunbar and Mrs. Sondra Garcia allowed me to help balance the books. At that time, the accounting system was not computerized thus I literally got hands on experience lugging the HUGE ledger books around and going through feet of calculator tape to check for errors. This experience was a great foundation for my entrepreneurial career.

If elected, I would bring a different voice to the board as I represent a wide array of WREA’s consumers as I’m a small business owner, an industrial power consumer and come from ranching families. I’m a fourth generation Meeker native and I’m so happy Ellen and I may raise our boys in this valley with so many opportunities. In contrast to the current board, I’m in a different stage of my life. With the support of my co-workers and family, I’m confident I can provide the time required and offer a different perspective at the board table if elected.

Walking door to door, I’ve been asked “what my agenda is?” And I respond that I don’t have one besides keeping electricity safe, reliable and affordable for the member owners. My intent to run, in addition to always having a high regard for the board, is that the board should be a representative of the consumers it serves and the people it employs. I’m not running to make changes; WREA is reliable source of power and easy to work with. This is a direct reflection of the hard work done by the linemen and supportive administrative staff.

Serving on the Town of Meeker Board of Trustees for two terms was extremely rewarding and quite frankly, a learning experience. I understand clearly the roles of the governance body and after meeting with the WREA’s general manager and legal counsel, my functions as a Town Trustee would be very similar to the electrical cooperative’s Board of Directors. I don’t see the learning curve to be that overwhelming; the duty of the board is not to become an electrical engineer, but rather set policy, provide financial oversight, develop a shared vision for the cooperative and most importantly entrust the expertise that WREA has always employed.

WREA is a premier organization in the community; the level of service and reliability is a quality all businesses should strive to provide. I would like to be a part of the future of WREA and have always been a strong supporter of current electric production means, as well as future sources.

I kindly ask for your support by returning your ballots by Sept. 12 at 11:30 a.m. or by voting in-person at the annual meeting on Sept. 12.

Dan Conrado