Letter: Does Meeker value people from outside?

I am a very concerned citizen of Meeker for the last six years. My husband and daughter have a small business in Meeker. We hire local people, we all pay our taxes and are active in the community. I have five grandchildren in the Meeker School District. I volunteer at the school and at our church (Holy Family Catholic Parish), working with the children in the community. We support the local businesses and our employees also support the local businesses.
I am a retired real estate broker from the metro Denver area after 27 years in business, and have raised five grown adults, two of whom live and work in Meeker. To me, it seems this small community does not value anyone who isn’t born, raised and have the right family name or friends of the right people.
I am especially interested in the latest school board decision to disregard a contract for the superintendent of schools. The school board is elected by the people of Meeker. You are to represent the wishes of those who elected you. I do not know what Mr. Pfau did to have his contract dismissed, and then to wait until summer to do this is unacceptable. We, the citizens of Meeker, have the right to know in a transparent and open way to the reasons and if he did not do his job. I am embarrassed to have elected school board members act behind closed doors and make a narrow-minded decision that affects our entire community.
All people that live in Meeker and surrounding areas are and should be represented by our school board and our local, county, state and federal governments. Not just by a few families who have had control forever. Those of us that have moved to your small community from other areas would like to be represented as well.
Geri Cole