Letter: Emergency response team appreciated

What a wonderful emergency response team Rangely has!
Thank you Josh for turning around to help us when we had a car accident on the 20th. You got the ball rolling by calling our accident in, then staying to help.
A huge thank you to the ambulance crews who took such care with us. In a small town it is has to be hard to care so professionally when you know so many of the people you are responding to help. Thank You!
Thanks to the fire department for all the help in getting us out of the car.
The emergency room staff was caring, reassuring and handled us with great care, thank you.
To family and friends, thank you for the phone calls, cards, food brought in and stopping by to see how we were doing. Where would we be without all of you?
Thank you to the officers who stopped by to see how we were doing. I’m sure in a larger town that would not have happened.
God’s blessings be with all of you. He has blessed us with you.
Gordon and Dena Byers and Evelyn Killpack

From Dena,
My personal thank you to my husband, Gordon. Without your calm reactions and driving skills, our wreck could have been so much worse.