Letter: Grassroots group fights higher taxes

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This month, round one of the car registration tax (oops, I mean “fee”) increase took effect. You think doubling that cost is bad now? Wait until rounds two and three hit your wallet.
Did you get to vote on that $265 million tax hike? No. Nor did you ever vote on vehicle ownership, sales and rental taxes. Politicians call taxes “fees” to evade asking for voter approval.
Colorado has the second-highest minimum income tax rate of any adjacent state. Did you ever vote on that income tax? No.
These three taxes — vehicle, income and phone — are reduced in our “VIP Petition” being circulated for the 2010 ballot. Registration? A flat $10 per vehicle, still over government’s real cost. Vehicle taxes? Reduced over four years. Income tax rate? Gradually trimmed about one percentage point. Phone and cable taxes? Gone.
You can read more about our tax relief at www.cotaxreform.com. Then click on Volunteers Sign Up to collect signatures. Or email us at info@cotaxreform.com. We need 120,000 signatures of registered voters this summer. Any resident older than 18 can collect 100-plus signatures in eight hours at a busy store.
Are you ready to stop complaining and start fighting back? I’m 82 years old; what’s your excuse?
Freda Poundstone
Centennial, Colo.