Letter: Grateful for music

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Dear Editor:
Once again I want to thank Hollidays and Chippers for the great music Nov. 2 and 3.
As I enjoyed the music, I also enjoyed the conversation with friends about how lucky we are to have big city sound in our little town of Meeker.
Hollidays hosted the Johnny O’ Band on Thursday, Nov. 2 with good food and a private concert. Then Chippers followed up with the great blues band on Friday night. It is so appreciated that these two fine Meeker establishments do this for our community.
The next time this opportunity arises, I suggest you take it in because not only is it a fun community gathering, it is also a great way to support our local businesses. It was good to see so many town guests (hunters) be a part of Friday’s music. Not only can they enjoy our beautiful scenery, they can enjoy our small town hospitality.
Thank you Hollidays and Chippers for providing a reason to stay in town on a weekend.
Cindy S. Nelson