Letter: Grateful to Chevron for its donation

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Dear Editor:
On behalf of the Town of Rangely I would like to sincerely thank Chevron North America; Nick Moschetti, operations superintendent; and Cary Baird with Chevron government and public affairs for their continued support of activities, safety and educational initiatives within the Rangely Police Department, not to mention the many entities throughout our county and community that also benefit from Chevron’s generosity.
This year’s donation to the Town of Rangely of $4,000 comes at a perfect time for the town’s police department considering the many activities and training needs and the revenue limitations that we have been experiencing from year to year.
Chevron has been a true citizen of Rangely in every sense of the word and we appreciate not only their considerate donations, but the contribution of time and service the so many of their employees have provided to this community.
Joseph Nielsen
Mayor of Rangely