Letter: Great year for upriver fall color

Dear Editor:
Bev and I traveled up to Ripple Creek Divide last Saturday, the 29th, to enjoy fall colors. I have observed fall colors in many locations, but these were some of the very best. It’s a great year for color. Along the way we visited old haunts at the Himes Peak campground, where I dislocated my shoulder several years ago and Trappers Lake, where I spent one of the best days of my life catching cutthroat trout while friend Dale Pyle rowed the boat.
You would have to have some experience in highway design to truly appreciate the road from the Ripple Creek
Resort to Ripple Divide. The curvalinear alignment fits the terrain beautifully. My mentor and good departed friend Buzz Windsor was in charge of laying this out as well as the road serving Trappers Lake. Shortly after getting my degree in civil engineering I worked for Buzz and other engineers who had gained knowledge of highways by designing and building the Alcan Highway in Alaska. None were college graduates. They were trained on the job, but they were all excellent professionals. I gained much knowledge working for them.
I write this to tell younger adults that getting a college degree is not necessarily a solution to having a good career. Just drive to Ripple Creek Divide and look around.
Dick Prosence