Letter: Herald short of a real newspaper?

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Enclosed is my check for my annual subscription to the Herald Times. I considered whether or not to renew my subscription for several weeks This is mainly because, I don’t find much newsworthy in the Herald. I finally decided that I get 50 cents worth of reading from the yard sales and the classified section.
In last Saturday’s “free” Craig paper, I finally read some news about the shooting in Meeker. Shouldn’t this have been on the front page of the Herald? There was also an article about a state official making a tour and speaking in Craig and then in Meeker about avoiding scams and fraud against seniors. I was interested, but I thought I could read the specifics in the Meeker paper. Of course, I couldn’t find anything about it in the Herald.
Also, in my humble opinion, tho Hallie Blunt’s human interest columns are interesting to people who have lived here all their lives, they belong in the interior of the paper, not on the front page! I must say, I agree with the person whose partial letter appeared last week. Jeff Burkhead did a far superior job in attempting to report some news. I read most of your regular “bylined” columns every week, but usually, I shake my head and say to myself, “did that say anything?” The answer is either “No” or “Duh.”
I guess the Herald fills a need by reporting local sports and social events, but it sure falls short of being a “newspaper.”
Dixie Jones