Letter: Highland Cemetery is in good hands

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A long overdue thank you goes to Art Cox, Sonny Etherton and Sherry Purkey for all their hard work keeping our Highland Cemetery so well-groomed.
It certainly shows all the pride they take in their jobs and gives us a beautiful place for us to pay respect to our loved ones that are there. We are fortunate to see it every day and know that they start working very early and are busy all day. Unfortunately, there are those that ignore the well-marked signs “No Dogs Allowed” that walk their dogs after the hard-working crew leaves, thinking that the requests from the cemetery district do not apply to them. There are several of us that keep an eye on this beautiful property and are very disappointed that respect is not shown to the cemetery district, much less to the dedication and hard work that Art, Sherry and Sonny have shown in keeping the grounds clean and manicured. Most are responsible dog owners, but to those few that take their dogs for a walk in the cemetery maybe they will think about finding a place on their own property, or if they walk along the streets that they will take the proper supplies to clean up after their pet.
Once again, thanks to Art and the crew that do such an incredible job.
Rich and Carol Parr