Letter: Hopewest invites volunteers to walk in Fourth parade

Dear Editor:

The Fourth of July is quickly approaching and Meeker HopeWest is making plans for a memorable Fourth by participating in this Honky Tonk parade. We’d like to invite all past and present volunteers that have helped in any way, be it with patients, youth grief groups, horse camp, helping with the annual gala or fundraisers, to walk in the parade with HopeWest. HopeWest would also like to extend an invitation to members of the community that have been helped by HopeWest and would like to honor a family member by carrying a banner, poster board or whatever you can think of.

So put on patriotic clothes, lace up your walking shoes, fill up your gas tank of your UTV, charge up your golf cart or saddle up your horse and join us in the parade!

For further information please call Solveig Olson at 878-9383 or email solson@hopewestco.org

HopeWest Board of Directors
Solveig Olson
Billy Goedert
Gus Halandras
Christine Halandras
Kent Borchard
Shana Holliday
Sabine Murray
Scott Hollenbeck
Stephanie Kobald