Letter: Is your dog in compliance?

Dear Editor:

If you own a dog in the Town of Meeker, please be fully responsible for your pet’s behavior and in compliance with local ordinances. Essentially that means no running at large, no disturbance of the peace and no habitual barking.

Please corral your dog on your property.  It is a rare day during my walks that I don’t encounter a dog on the streets ready to snarl, bark or jump on me. Please, leash your dog on public property including the trails on China Wall, local parks and even the Post Office.

But if you have one of those extremely well trained, voice-controlled dogs who obey owner’s commands, I am thankful and impressed with both of you. No leash required even by city codes. (But then your dog wouldn’t be jumping on me anyway.)

Non-stop barking seems to have increased in town. I realize it is your dog’s responsibility to alert you to strangers’ approach on your property. But continual barking means this dog is lonely or uncared for and is certainly irritating to the rest of us.

You might find that bark collars, professional training, doggie daycare (think friends and visitors who can visit your dog while you are at work) and just more attention/discipline may decrease continual barking. You may not even realize how much your pet barks when you are away. Ask your neighbors!

Worst of all, I resent having your dog poop in my yard. I already spent 30 years cleaning up defecation from my own dogs and don’t enjoy now cleaning up after yours. It is inconsiderate to let your dog roam around town whether you are a repair person, visitor or resident. Dogs running at large is prohibited by city code.

Yes, I can contact Laurel at animal control and complain about these issues and I have. She is a thoughtful animal lover who can resolve most issues peacefully. But rather than having her issue you a fine or worse if things continue, couldn’t you just be more responsible?

Kaye Sullivan