Letter: Kelley is opposed to Prop 112

Dear Editor:

I want to thank all of you who have supported and encouraged my campaign for county commissioner. As an unaffiliated voter, I am driven by a strong belief that, in our democracy, voters should have more than one choice on a final ballot, and that we all bear some responsibility for providing that choice. I hope I am your choice.
In these pages of this paper, I have presented my concerns related to big spending, our continued access to local health care and our necessary support for excellent public education. I have laid out my history of active opposition against trans-basin water diversions, support for the sound, multiple-use of our public lands and support for our local community higher education—CNCC. I have a long public history of proactive board memberships in these arenas that are vital to Rio Blanco County.
My opponent and some of his friends continue to misrepresent my position as being in favor of ballot Proposition 112 regarding setbacks from new oil and gas development. Having never asked me, his rationale is my vice presidency of the Western Colorado Alliance, the Grand Junction-based community action organization which has supported responsible regulation to protect citizen health and safety in residential areas of Garfield County, like Battlement Mesa, where homes and daily lives have been forced within a few feet of gas operations. Every community should want an organization like the Alliance on their side while pursuing their hopes for the future. As I have previously written here, I am opposed to Prop 112 as it is too much “one size fits all” that does not work.
I am also a voting board member of Club 20—our 20-plus county, western slope policy advocacy group—which opposes 112.
Through my letters to the editor and my participation in the community candidate forum held at Meeker High School, I have stated my intent to work on various issues of direct importance to our communities including access to quality, local, health care; strong public education; improved infrastructure for child day care and family services all of which are critical for sustained, diverse economic development. Additionally, my long history in multiple-use of our public lands and building on our superb wildlife and outdoor recreation resources couldn’t be stronger.
I urge you to vote, if you haven’t already, and I urge you to vote Reed Kelley for County Commissioner. Thank you.
Reed Kelley,
Independent Candidate
for RBC Commissioner