Letter: LeBlanc thanks ERBM board, staff

Dear Editor:
Last week I was very sad to see a flyer circulating around town that was very degrading to our Rec Center and ERBM district. I am very proud to live in Meeker and share in this amazing community. One of the biggest things I am proud of here is our Rec Center. Often times, when I am at the pool or one of our parks there is someone from out of town who is very vocal about what a huge privilege and blessing it is that we have such a nice Rec Center and/or parks. Numerous time, I have shown out of town family and friends our Recreation Line Upand they have “oohhed” and “aahhed” the amount of activities we have here and for very reasonable prices. My sister pays +$70/month for her 5 year old daughter to take a basicgymnastics class. I paid a little less than $50 dollars for my daughters to take tumbling from Jan-April, that breaks down to just over $10/month. My family and I are so thankful for the trail system. We enjoy riding bikes and hiking them. Barny has an uncle from Florida who has ridden trails all over the United States and this last summer he was able to ride the trails here in Meeker He said it was one of the funnest trails he has ridden and was amazed at what a great workout it was.
Ultimately, I want to say THANK YOU to our Rec Center and the ERBM board. Thank you to all the maintenance people who keep the Rec Center and our parks and trails in suchgreat shape. It makes our community shine. Thank you to the customer service people who always greet you with a smile and are quick and happy to help. Thank you to the life guards who keep our kids safe and make our pool the envy of surrounding communities. Thank you to ALL the people who plan, organize and teach a wide variety of classes. Thank you to the people behind the scenes that make it run smoothly. Thank you to the people who work long hours to write and apply for grants that are to further improve and create activities and resources. Thank you to the 100-plus kids who petitioned and wrote letters to the ERBM board asking for a skate park. Thank you to the board who listened to them and the staff who then asked those kids to come be a part of designing it and owning it for themselves. Thank you to the ERBM board who faithfully serve and try to make our community better. Thank you Zach Clatterbaugh. Thank you Kent Walter. Thank you Kris Arcolesse. Thank you Drew Varland. Thank you Travis Mobley. Thank you for taking precious time from your families to serve my family. Thank you to the administration, Sean VonRoenn and all the staff for making Meeker a great place to live. Thank you to all the many board members who serve in different capacities and really make Meeer an outstanding community.
I want to encourage you, as people of Meeker to not get caught up in malicious backbiting and gossip. All that does is tear down and destroy. Instead, get involved, not for revenge, but to serve our community and make it better. And most of all, look for ways to be thankful.
Please do not assume that my support of the ERBM and their bid decision is an opposition to the local contractors. The Willes are an excellent family, that I think very highly of and the Bellamys are some of our close family friends.
Kelly LeBlanc
Meeker, CO