Letter: Love during the holidays

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Dear Editor:
The man I have met and is in my life is real. He is real. He is a gorgeous, tall, dark haired, hazel eyed beauty. Beautiful and perfect in body and mind, I know you are already questioning, but please let me explain.
For his parents sake, I will start with mind.
He is intelligent. Obviously the start to any perfect man, he can give sound insight to any topic, has original ideas that explain the whole world, recites quotes and equations with ease, which to me is heavenly. Of course in relevant conversation he will bring up examples in history, current events, and personally to fit any topic you can think of. In any days past he would be considered a man of “quick wit and sound intellect.” I still think so! He always engages me in conversation, no matter what the topic. I hope the young sparkies out there realize how important this is… you can’t be with someone who bores you. Not only that, but find someone who excites you, inspires you and makes your conversations last all night. Because ours do. We actually have a problem stopping ourselves from talking, because it can last indefinitely.That includes comedy and laughter, which brings me to the next attribute…
He is hilarious. When he says something funny, it is intelligent. In a way that not only turns me on but stimulates my intellect. In a way that I can’t stop myself from laughing! This actually happens when we are in polite company. He triggers my funny bone and I can’t stop, no matter what. He has actually made me laugh so hard I have spit my drink out, multiple times!
When it comes to romance… he can look at me, and it’s all over. And this happens on a daily basis. It’s a look that stops all of the world. The cosmos mean nothing and everything to me in this moment, when he looks at me. It can be a look of love, of desire, of annoyance, of question… it doesn’t matter. They all make time stop.
By far the most important attribute of the perfect man, is his being a loving father. I see a man everyday who thinks about and looks out for his children. His boys are in the forefront of his mind every day, and he never stops thinking about them. He not only looks out for them, but for my children as well, and any children that cross his path!
When it comes to body… he is the perfect specimen of humanity. He could be a work of art, a painting…. Sometimes I think he is. Because in my eyes, he is perfect. He makes me want to dance, to sing, to just be happy in everyday life the way that I should feel on vacation. I can’t even tell him this, because he’d be so embarrassed.
I love him, in every way that love is meant to mean.
I love you Jared Harvey.
Alice Chapman