Letter: Meeker resident displeased by Sierra Club’s wolf plan

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Dear Editor:
This is an open letter to Richard Levy of the Trappers Lake Sierra Club.
Mr. Levy: Rural communities in Northwest Colorado are struggling to revive their economies. Tourism is one of the possibilities. Communities such as Rangely and Meeker stand a chance of reviving their economies by promoting hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, off road vehicle tours, cross country skiing and family camping.
It is well documented that wolves kill people as well as livestock. Is the Sierra Club willing to step up to the table acknowledge the liberality and take responsibility to pay for the damages and deaths?
With the United States so divided on so many issues, why does the Sierra Club choose to widen the division. At a time when there are so many documented critical issues: climate change, oil spills, fracking, ….. The Sierra Club could choose to provide leadership on resolving some of the worlds life and death issues. Why choose to promote an issue that can only promote more rancor?
Having followed and respected the effort of the Sierra for many years, I am very disappointed to find the Trappers Lake Sierra Club so willing to widen the distrust and anger in America. In doing so you can only cost support for many of your worthwhile efforts.
Please reconsider your decision to support the introduction of wolves into the mountains of Colorado.
Joe Livingston