Letter: Military service should be recognized

After much thought I decided to express my opinion concerning the Meeker High School graduation ceremony, held last Saturday.
The students who will be attending college and who are receiving scholarships were properly acknowledged and rightly so …
What bothers me is that nothing was mentioned at all about the young men who have signed up to join the military.
It is a great accomplishment to get a higher education, but it is also a great and even more noble accomplishment for these young men who will be putting their lives at risk to serve and protect our great nation and each and every one of us.
Meeker High School and all other high schools should hold the military in the highest regard and promote them just as they do higher education, because without the military they would not be able to teach in a free society.
Everything we hold dear, we have in part because of our past and present military. We must not forget to acknowledge them and also all of the young men and women who are willing to serve in the future.
Lois Sampson