Letter: My Opinions

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Dear Editor:

This is in response to comments posted in the local newspaper. Every year family and friends of cattle ranchers in the spring gather together to brand, castrate (male calves) and vaccinate thousands of calves. Without any complaining, finger pointing, paperwork, ( I had to fill out a lot more paperwork to get my last COVID-19 shot than when I got my Pacemaker put in.) Without any government oversight, no legal help and shortage of vaccine. They get it done with hard work and God given common sense!

I am 71 years old and have never heard of 500,000 head of cattle dying of some disease in a year’s time.

So what the ranchers are doing must be working just fine!

COVID shots save lives just like seat belts do. (They saved my life!) if you really care about your own life and family get a shot. You are more likely to die in a car accident than getting a COVID-19 shot. I have got both my shots and am doing just fine!

The bottom line is that shots save lives. Standing around complaining about how it is done doesn’t!

And I would like to thank Alice Harvey and all the health care workers worldwide for their hard work and compassion in taking care of their patients! We love you and wish all of you the very best!

Nolan Layton
Former ranch hand

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