Letter: New statue

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First, of all for those who have not noticed we have placed a statue of a “Service Person” representing all branches of our Armed Forces on the East front corner of our land at Silver Sage RV Park on Main Street in Rangely.
This is to recognize all of those who have served our country. At the same time, for Memorial Day, we placed a wreath by the statue to honor those who have lost their lives in service to our country. In the days to come, my son Jeff, is making a flag pole to place by the statue.  Our VA officer, John “Hoot” Gibson has written our Congressional delegation to request flags for this that have flown over Iraq and Afganistan. We have not heard back, as of this date, on this request.
I, personally, would like to thank those who helped to cause the Service Person to be installed. First, would be my son, Jeff Rector, our very good friend Tim Webber, another very good friend Kevin Williams then Renae Harden who helped me to cut down the shrubs that were on both sides of the bench by the statue. It truly became a team effort to install this statue.
My thanks to Rodger at Rangely True Value for having his help stain the statue and deliver it to the site. My thanks to Heath and Rod who planted the flowers around the bench and our statue. All in all I am very, very proud of this statue. I do plan on putting a plaque at the foot of the statue in honor of our service people.
Next hopefully, as I write this letter, the weather will have cooperated and not got too cold for the flowers we put out today on Main Street, Rangely USA, Silver Sage. We and I mean we, added more bloom master flower planters this year. This endeavor took once again, team work to cause this to happen.
My great thanks go to my son, Jeff, his wife Rebecca, my grandson Brian, my grandson Charles and our adopted son Heath GeBauer, for all of their help, in not only getting the flowers up on the fence and the flower trees, but installing the drip system to keep them watered. My thanks go to Eddie Stewart for his work in making the additional holders for the planters that were added this year. My thanks go as well to someone not with us today, my husband Carl Rector. Just so you know, Carl was so very faithful about helping me put together all the things that cause the flowers on the fence and the tree flowers to beautify our “wonderful town of Rangely.”
I can only hope that each and everyone of you can take time to not only enjoy the flowers but to reflect on the statue that recognizes the service men and women who protect us all, as well as those who lost their lives in service to our country.
God Bless the USA,
Peg Rector