Letter: No flamingos

Your Rangely readers might remember last spring’s migration of pink flamingos that stopped at the newly built water feature at the east end of Main Street. Thanks to W.C. Streigel Pipeline, the new landscaping really changed the appearance of the east end of town but who would have known flamingos would find it appealing.
Just last Monday, after the town of Rangely turned the water on for the falls, I stopped on my way to work to look at the waterfall. What I found was a lot of “flamingo sign!”
I immediately got a hold of Bud Streigel to see what he thought about another flamingo migration.
“You sell trees at that new garden center, don’t you?” (Bud often answers a question with another question.) “Yes,” I said. “Well, everybody knows that flamingos love water but they hate trees.”
Problem solved, thanks to W.C. Streigel’s generosity, we planted 35 new trees around the waterfall area and to date, NO FLAMINGOS.
As sincere as I get,
Rodger Polley
Rangely True Value