Letter: Opinions OK, if you were at the meeting

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To Josh Halstead, the haughty, supercilious, self-aggrandizing position he took in last week’s Herald Times is truly astonishing. His pedestrian, less-than-thought-out, incomplete blasts were totally uninformed. Why? Because he wasn’t there. I heard no rebuttal to what was said at the meeting by anyone there, and certainly can give no merit to comments written or verbal by someone who wasn’t. If he was there, he sure did not speak out. If Josh feels so passionate about his misguided positions, perhaps he should have been there to drone on about the liberal position, which hasn’t changed since FDR, to wit; spend more taxpayers’ money, expand the role of government, and diminish the rights and liberties of the citizenry.
Josh mentioned only two of the many issues discussed at the meeting. He attacked freedom of religion, which is indeed an American underpinning and also the rule of law that is being blatantly broken with illegal immigration. Perhaps a debate regarding all the town-meeting issues is in order. It seems the liberal position is to call the Constitution and the Bill of Rights – the cornerstones of our government – nothing more than right-wing propaganda. America has always used the Judeo-Christian principles as a bastion of its foundation, with the defining, defending and securing of its border as the shelter of that foundation. Without a foundation and a shelter, nothing can stand. The Bible says: “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6). I can assure Josh that more Americans and Meekerites see this foundation and shelter of ideals than the blinded, uninformed versions he penned. I fear that if liberals like Josh could stop voices like mine, they would.
The liberal mindset would have the Constitution changed to meet the needs of the people while the conservative mindset would have the people change to meet the requirements of the Constitution. What a shame that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are considered right-winged propaganda. While I still have freedom to speak and write accordingly, I remain thankful for this opportunity.
Del Turner