Letter: Patriots oppose health care bills in Congress

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I am writing to you on behalf of the Northwest Colorado Tea Party Patriots (NWCOTPP) of Craig about the health care bills being proposed by Congress. We are a grassroots, non-partisan group of citizens who advocate limited government, fiscal responsibility, lower taxes and individual freedoms.
We, the NWCOTPP, have received from our associated patriot groups in Grand Junction a compilation of excerpts from the House bill in Congress that we feel need to be imminently shared with the public. After our review of some of these key provisions of this proposed bill, we believe that our government has been less than truthful to the American public about what this bill contains. A few examples of the contents of this bill include:
Page 16 explains that individual health care will become illegal once you leave your job or current private coverage. Page 145, lines 15-17, explains that an employer must auto-enroll new employees into the public option plan. Page 126, lines 22-25, explains that employers must pay for health care for part-time employees and their families. Page 195 explains that officers and employees of the Health Care Administration will have access to all Americans’ financial and personal records. Page 50, Section 152, mandates that health care will be provided to all non-U.S. citizens in this country, illegal or otherwise. Page 427, lines 15-24, explains the government will mandate a program for orders for end of life. And page 29, lines 4-16, describes that your health care will be rationed.
This is just a small sampling of what the government is trying to sneak past the American public. I have about 50 more such excerpts from this bill, and this is only from the first half of the bill as we have not yet had time to assimilate all of the contents. If you do not believe me, then feel free to go to www.scribd.com/doc/17416137/House-Health-Care-Bill and read the bill yourself. If you do so, you will be doing more than most members of Congress who will be voting on this bill.
We, the NWCOTPP, agree that some form of health care reform is needed. However, the health care bills that Congress is drafting have much less to do with providing coverage to American citizens who cannot afford private health care, and much more to do with reducing the quality of care, rationing care, providing free care to non-citizens at the expense of working citizens, deciding who dies and when, taxing small businesses to pay for the government program, and phasing out your choices of health care coverage.
Recent news indicates that some of the “Blue Dog Democrats” may be agreeing to some compromises in the bill. However, the fact remains that Congress remains exempt from giving up their premium health coverage and having to subject themselves with the health care reform they will require the rest of us citizens to accept.
The House bill, and others being debated in the Senate, are the most radical attacks on our liberties that have ever been proposed by Congress and the administration. As citizens of this country, we need to exercise our rights to assemble and petition the president and majority and minority leaders of Congress and explain our opposition to these government-mandated health care reform proposals.
Rob Schmitzer