Letter: Points to ponder

I’ve taken several days to “recover” from the event that took place Jan. 3 at Moffat County Courthouse. This allowed me to regain a sense of reason and objectivity. Consequently, I’ve decided to provide “points to ponder” rather than an “opinion piece.” My “opinion,” however, will not change. Vacancy committee composed of five Republican county chairmen and two party leaders selected the wife to replace her husband who had vacated the Colorado District 8 Senate seat. The “procedure” was “by the book” — a tribute to the meeting Chairman and rules committee. All six applicants “nominated” had the opportunity to “present their cause,” followed by a “question and answer” session, and concluding with summarizing by each. Balloting then took place … continuing until a four vote majority determined the winner.
The intent is for a procedure that allows the committee to evaluate each applicant there at the meeting-then decide and vote accordingly. Here are points to ponder:
Do committee members actually attend the meeting “uncommitted?”
Does the procedure allow for any expression of the “will of the people?”
Does the committee really consider input from the voters, rather than the “establishment?”
Results of the November election, and especially the Tea Party influence, proved that “we the people” are fed up with politics as usual. So, a final point to ponder is this: In the Republican District 3 Primary back in August one of the vacancy applicants received more votes in this Colorado Senate District 8 than his opponent. In the “vacancy selection” this person received one vote in the first balloting and none thereafter. If selection were left up to the people, would this result have been the same?
I’m not sure which bothers me most, that I’m more griped at the “same ole, same ole party politics as usual” or at myself for even thinking that the selection process would produce the most “legitimate, qualified, capable replacement.”
Is it, once again — or maybe still — the choice of the party, not the people?
God Bless America!
Richard Doran