Letter: Rangely earthquake

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This past week there was a significant 5.3 earthquake in the Denver area. Mention was made of the granddaddy of all earthquakes in Colorado on the 6.6 one of Nov. 7, 1881. This earthquake is most significant in Rangely history.
This earthquake was felt as far west as Ogden and Salt Lake City but it was also felt in Rangely. That very day was the day the first settler homesteaders C.P. Hill and Joseph Studer arrived in what would be the future town of Rangely. At six that evening, willows were bent to the ground and liquid spilled from cups.
Meeker certainly has the most significant historical event, the Meeker Massacre, but Rangely had the most significant official natural welcome to the first settlers. On the 130th anniversary of this event on Nov. 7, let us remember that Rangely started with a significant jolt.
Robert Haag