Letter: Recall election just another liberal scam

Dear Editor:

I, as well as many other individuals, find it funny, in that “WE” live in a county that votes 80% republican in local, state, and national elections would run a recall petition on someone who has stood for these values all along. I bet that the most of you were against the U.S. House of Representatives holding impeachment hearings (TWICE) against Donald Trump. THIS IS THE SAME THING. We have a vocal minority that thinks that they know best. Well, it also turns out that, unlike the Federal Government, Rio Blanco County cannot print more money so we have to cut accordantly. In case you missed it, the State of Colorado has gone to war on the oil and gas industry, as well as the all of rural Colorado. That means that our local government source of revenue has gone to almost nothing so they should be like the rest of us when our revenues do not meet our expenses, we have to CUT how much money is going out.

Matt Scott

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