Letter: Rector thanks festival volunteers

My name is Peggy Rector. I have been in charge of ordering the food for Septemberfest for a number of years. Last year, 2010, I was able to order the food but unable to be present the day of the holiday to help implement the barbecue with our great volunteer help.
I wanted to take this time to personally express my sincere thanks to the following people for not only making the 2010 Septemberfest a total success but for also making the 2011 Septemberfest a smashing success. Now, we can all look forward to the 2012 Septemberfest event.
The first person to truly recognize is Tim Webber, administrator for the Western Metropolitan Park and Recreation District. He puts in many, many hours prior to the actual day of the event, plus the hours for the threenday event each year. He does this in conjunction with his everyday job of being in charge of the recreation district. Words don’t seem enough to express my personal sincere appreciation for all that he does for this community. Tim does this to provide quality recreation facilities plus wonderful park facilities for this community. We tell you the Rangely Chamber of Commerce is part of this. However, please know that Tim Webber also sits on the board of directors for the chamber of commerce. It is through Tim’s knowledge and leadership that this whole Septemberfest activities are actually implemented for the benefit of the total community. Our thanks should also go to Tim’s wonderful crew at the recreation center who help to put this together. Our sincere thanks to the recreation board that helps to make this all possible. We can all be so very proud of our recreation board for their policies in making this a great place. Our thanks once again to the total crew of the recreation district who serve all of us so very well and especially through the special event of Septemberfest.
The next person who volunteers to help is my son, Jeffrey Carl Rector. Jeff, his wife Rebecca and son Brian Everett become the backbone of the volunteer organization helping with the implementation of the barbecue for the folks. Jeff is a member of the Rangely Rock Crawlers who also provide such wonderful help for the event. The Rangely Rock Crawlers have not only made a success of their venture with the Rock Crawling Park but have spent many hours helping us these last few years to have a truly successful Septemberfest barbecue. What a great group, those Rangely Rock Crawlers.
Then comes the day of serving and the CNCC college students come to help us set up.
What a great job these students do in helping us to get ready for the big parade. Our thanks to the coaches for organizing the young people to help with this event.
Then next are the volunteers from the LDS church who actually serve the food. This year we served food to 2,100 people. What a great job these volunteers do in serving the food on the line. They are wonderful and we could not do this without the “team” that we have been able to put together. Such a wonderful team. A great big thanks to Frances Green. Frances is the organizer of the volunteers from the church. What a great bunch of people giving back to their community. In case the new people do not know, Frances Green was one of two people who actually got Septemberfest rolling. However, then people in the community cooked the roast in their homes. We have really grown this event. Our sincere thanks to Frances for her work in getting Septemberfest truly working for the community.
This operation takes great planning and implementation on the part of many. We could not have this wonderful day of celebration without the many people and organizations helping us to make a success of the event.
Then another great big thanks to those who donate food for the event:
The potato salad/macaroni salad — Rangely District Hospital, White River Market provides the buns, Giovanni’s provides pickles and beans. John at Giovanni’s is always there should we need his slicer, etc. Chips and plasticware provided by Subway, water provided by Rangely True Value. The brownies and cookies we purchase from Sodexo at CNCC. The meat we purchase locally. The seasoning for the meat is donated. Tim Webber and Peg Rector had a great old time mixing the seasoning up in a 5-gallon bucket. Very interesting. Oh, we added watermelon this year provided by the chamber as well as the meat. Then there are the wonderful Elks club members, who actually stay up all night after the meat is put in the cookers and in the pit. Our thanks to the Town of Rangely for use of their backhoe and operator Jeff LeBleu who puts the cookers in the ground and covers them up, then when the meat is done Jeff LeBleu takes it out of the pit and loads it on the back of a flat bed to be taken down to the park so we can then serve the meat. Our thanks this year to Jeff Rector, Tim Webber, Rebecca Rector for seasoning the meat and wrapping it prior to make it ready for the cookers. Then to Jeff Rector who brings the meat to the park once it is done.
Our sincere thanks once again to those who actually put the cookers together for us a couple of years ago. When you see any of these people or the people that represent the districts and businesses who donate please let them know how much we appreciate all they do to make our Labor Day celebration such a great event.
There is also one person who really causes this event to come off in a wonderful way. That person is Bill Hume who provides his cold truck and brings it to the park so we can make sure we keep items cold. He brings the ice, etc. We could not pull this barbecue off without the wonderful help and use of Bill’s truck.
We thank you so much Bill.
All of this is why many of us believe we live in the “Greatest Little Town in the Whole USA.”
We have a great group of people willing to actually give of their day to make this all work. They don’t get paid. They stand out in the hot sun serving each and every one of you for hours on end.
Last but not least are all of you who show up for the ventures, the car show, the barbecue, the ice cream social, the chili cook-off and many other events. Just know without your attendance we couldn’t have the success we have had.
Once again, thanks to you all.
Peg Rector

How to fix the
U.S. Postal Service
Dear Editor:
Solving the financial crisis facing the US Postal Service is quite simple. Just implement these changes.
1. Raise the price of first class mail to 50 cents.
2. Double or triple the price for bulk mail, except for charities.
3. Double the cost for mailing catalogs and magazines.
4. End service on Saturdays.
You’re welcome.
Dick Prosence

Meeker PTO grateful for festival
Dear Editor:
The Meeker Elementary PTO would like to publicly thank all who make Fall Festival possible. We would especially like to thank Mountain Valley Bank and the Meeker Rec. District for their support. This event helps our organization plan for assemblies and field trips. With continued cuts to our schools, we need events like this more than ever to provide opportunities for our children! Thanks again!
Meeker Elementary PTO

Good samaritans
still exist
Dear Editor:
Despite my husband’s recent major joint surgery, my back and neck problems, and the fact that we are no longer youngsters, we decided to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and go “leaf peeking” on the Flat Tops last Sunday.
Thirty-five miles north of New Castle, and who knows how far away from our AAA roadside assistance, we heard the horrible noise of a flat tire. Luckily, there was a side road nearby where we could pull over safely and try to decide how we would get home. We unpacked the electronic compressor and started pumping. Just then a Jeep driven by Frank and Lois Sampson drove up behind us and offered assistance. Frank, the operations manager of the White River