Letter: Recycle center is important to Meeker

Dear Editor:
On Tuesday, Nov. 21, the town council is going to be revisiting recent discussions regarding the Meeker Recycling Center. We’ve had our recycling center for around 20 years. I know because I was a member of the original recycling committee.
Getting the center up and running was not an easy task. We faced a lot of push back revolving around the same old arguments. Recycling doesn’t make money. Our community is too small. Private business should be doing this. No one is interested. Similar arguments are being made again; although this time we do have a private small business, Overton Recycling, managing the center for the town. This is the best of government and private industry coming together for the good of the community.
Although there may be some problems that need to be solved, I believe they can be solved without either ending recycling or hurting one of the small businesses in our community. I urge everyone who is interested in recycling attend the meeting next Tuesday. Our elected officials cannot know what we want or need unless we share our thoughts with them.
Kristine Hicken