Letter: Resident wants rocks returned to Highland Cemetery, and he’s not the only one

Dear Editor:
Prior to the removal of the large
rocks around the flagpole and parking
areas at Highland Cemetery there
was no public comment or official
approval for their removal by the
Meeker Cemetery District board.
After questions were raised by the
public, the Meeker Cemetery District
on July 6, 2017, it was decided the
large rocks that were removed from
around the flagpole and parking
areas be returned to and stored at the
cemetery. I believe the majority of
Meeker Cemetery board did not seriously
take into considerations the six
pages of signatures by area residents
to return the rocks to appropriate
places in the cemetery. Keeping them
in storage is doing nothing to help
enhance the serenity and beauty of
the cemetery.
If anyone is interested in the
return of the large rocks to their previous
location in the cemetery or has
an idea how the rocks can be used to
beautify other places in the cemetery,
attend the next Meeker Cemetery
District meeting in August or contact
Roger Clark at 878-4628.
Roger Clark