Letter: Shirley Barone family thankful for support and memories shared

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Dear Editor:

I am writing on behalf of myself and my family to thank those of you that were able to attend my mother’s funeral, and those of you that were not, but held a warm thought for my mother and her passing.

A special thank you to those of you that shared at the reception “Mr. and Mrs. Barone stories.”  These were fun and funny heartfelt memories that I will personally cherish for my own lifetime.   My parents held the highest regard for the people who were a part of their lives in Meeker for so many years, especially the students, parents, and staff whose lives they were able to encounter as school administrator and teacher.  All of you mean so much to my parents, and I know that they are loving you even more now from Heaven.  Thank you very much for your support and your sympathy.  Your presence, your warm regards, and your memories mean everything to all of us.


Michelle Barone–Lopez

and family