Letter: Store owners says thank you for help

I would like to say thank you to the following people for making a difference to families who need help here in Colorado since we started officially in August. Due to their kindness with huge amounts of donations, three families in Colorado have been helped. We will continue to work to help families who have lost their jobs, cars, homes and have little or no money for food.
Melinda Parker, Stacie Kincher and family, Cheryl Houser and family, Mona Maser and family, Gus and Christine Halandras, Cindy Purcell, George and Claire Howey, Jo Tucker, Toby Smith, Mandy Jensen, Marge Rogers, Marlene, Ellene Meece for her encouragement and great advice, Larry, Missie Harville, Patricia Steven and Travis, Trish, Avis, Wendy, King McIntire, Patty Edwards, Thorsby family, Sara Vieyra, Laura Vieyra and Lili, Lilana Segi, Julie Segi family, Diane Ruex, Mary Adams, Nathan Elliott, Jan Byrd, Joan from the Salon on 6th, the entire crew from White River Electric Association and Ducey’s Electric, and to all those who have come to visit me with words of encouragement and wisdom. If I have missed anyone, I sincerely appreciate everything you have done.
Lorna Von Wetzel
Secondhand Store