Letter: Support for local journalism

Dear Editor,
I usually do not resort to writing letters to the editor—perhaps as I feel many individuals who do are either a little off center, or have an axe to grind. Of course, that is a generalization, but, nonetheless, I prefer to write this to you personally.
I grew up in Meeker, and although not having lived there for many years, by dear sister, who does live there, has gifted me a subscription to the Herald Times (Meeker Herald for much of my life) for many years. Thus, I have witnessed several changes of editorship. And I have to say, that since you took over as editor, I have enjoyed reading the paper more than since the time of Rich Lyttle.
You and your staff have the true spirit of news reporting: dig out the facts, report them succinctly to the public, and respond objectively to detractors. It is extremely difficult for the press to maintain passion for reporting the truth in this era of constant verbal attack on your institution, especially by individuals in power and the public eye. Yet you have continued to “fight the fight,” and should be complimented for your efforts.
Please rest assured, there are many of us who strongly adhere to the tenants of the democracy we are privileged to live in, and abhor the “fake news” attacks. If we lose the ability to discern what is true, we will certainly relinquish our identity as leaders of the free world. Your role as objective reporters of local, national, and international concerns has never been more important.
Thank you for what you do, and best wishes in your new appointment to the Colorado Press Association board of directors.

Jay N. Joy, M.D.
Durango, Colo.