Letter: Swamp of shame

Dear Editor:

Hopefully some of your readers were able to watch the televised vetoing by President Trump of the bill denying his desire for a strong border with our neighbors in Mexico. The disgusting” aspect was not in beating President Trump but disallowing the elected president of our country the prerogative of completing his tenant, that being a safe and secure nation.

The shame of all this lies with the Democratic Party and Republicans who switched sides with our  leader.  I view those people as being part of the swamp which President Trump vowed to eliminate. The Republicans who jumped ship should have their heads held under the top water level of the swamp.

Here in Western Colorado we have few people who joined that club. Luckily for us no shame needs to be displayed although it exists. We want a strong and safe nation. Hopefully sanity will return to our political debate. The same lack of leadership is displayed when discussion is brought up about modifying Social Security and Medicare. These are in a can that has been kicked down the road for 30 or 40 years. Politicians care more about being reelected than solving real problems facing our nation.

Dick Prosence